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If you have followed the recommended steps section, you should have watched and read the introduction and the critical articles that followed on the Home page. If not, you should go back and do so as that will better prepare you for what is to come. 

Now, if you simply read every article on this page and watch every embedded video, you should have more than enough information to understand what is really going on. The rest of the site contains supporting research and hundreds of connected videos that will provide further confirmation that will enhance your knowledge immensely.


To understand the way that mainstream media twists, distorts, and tells you outright lies about so many things (including about vaccines and Covid19), you may want to take a couple hours to watch this very informative and well-done documentary first.


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Silenced, Censored & Ridiculed

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All of our collective Liberty is literally at stake right now, in this time, and a Nazi-style global tyranny with high-technology surveillance & control is just a step away if we don't learn from history and stop it now!

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Germany's preeminent virologist says the current response to the Coronavirus is 'Grotesque, Absurd and Very Dangerous.'

To avoid COVID19 entering the scene instead of the other Corona viruses, extreme measures are being installed. Q: So what do you think about them? Prof Bhakdi :: “They are grotesque, absurd and very dangerous. The horrifying impact on the world economy threatens the existence of countless people. The consequences on medical care are profound. Already services to patients who are in need are reduced, operations cancelled, practices empty, hospital personnel dwindling. All this will impact profoundly on our whole society. I can only say that all these measures are leading to self-destruction and collective suicide because of nothing but a spook.”

-Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Professor Emeritus of Medical Microbiology at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainzi

PCR test cannot be used to diagnose anyt

Not a "Killer Virus"... Yet Their Measures Are Destroying Us

'The conclusion that COVID-19 is comparable to seasonal flu has been reached by many investigators in other countries. In an analysis of several studies, [John] Ioannidis showed that, contingent on local factors and statistical methodology, the median infection fatality rate was 0.27%. Many other investigators arrived at similar conclusions. All studies to date thus clearly show that SARS-CoV-2 is not a real “killer virus”'