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Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Part 1 - March 18, 2020

Direct link to David Icke's website link to this broadcast (n/a)

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“Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut that held its ground.”

As one of the world’s pre-eminent professional conspiracy theorists, David Icke has been a regular guest on London Real, discussing topics as diverse as 5G, 9/11 and censorship.

Often described as a maverick or a renegade, David is a unique voice in the space, propounding a number of predictions around his post-Orwellian vision of society and the future.

Since his spiritual awakening in 1990, David enjoys a sizable global following, regularly speaking for up to 10 hours at venues such as Wembley Arena to audiences of thousands of people.

As well as public speaking, David is an acclaimed author having written over 20 books including The Robots’ Rebellion (1994), And The Truth Shall Set You Free (1995), The Biggest Secret (1999) and Children of the Matrix (2001), in which he developed his worldview of New Age thinking.

With a mission to wake up society and free our minds from what governments and mainstream media are trying to make us do, his credentials make him one of the most influential thinkers and catalysts for change.

In this interview, David talks extensively about the Coronavirus (Covid-19), how governments manipulate their citizens and the wider agenda behind social control and a Surveillance Society; in a wide-ranging session, watch London Real’s founder and host Brian Rose and David engaging across a range of conspiracy-related themes.

Offering more than meets the eye on first glance, David Icke is a man with serious credentials and a challenging perspective on our species and planet.

This first of three videos in the COVID19 London Real series was recorded March 18, 2020, posted to London Real's website, and then archived to both YouTube and Vimeo. It was viewed over 8 million times making it the second most-watched episode ever. As a result of its popularity and discussion about COVID19 and 5G, it has been removed for allegedly violating community guidelines. That is censorship speak for "we don't like the truths that he is exposing!"

Given that both YouTube and Vimeo have removed this video from their platforms, Bitchute and London Real are the only platforms where this video can be viewed. As of 5/15/20 it was also removed from the London Real site, likely by their web host company. However, given the cruciality of this information and the obvious threat it poses to exposing this pandemic fraud, we have provide an embedded viewer to London real TV below. (If it doesn't fit your mobile device screen, watch it from one of the links at the top of the page).

We also provide a direct link here to download this video to your own hard-drive. You do need to create a username and login to the downloads page to get the current password for this file. Please do so immediately before all evidence of it is erased from the internet. Please share it widely to make this information goal viral! If you don't, your freedoms and financial futures are seriously at risk of disappearing.

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00:00 | Trailer.

00:58 | Brian’s introduction.

01:32 | Brian outlines the current state of the pandemic, his views on its origin and current preventative measures and the economic fallout.

04:16 | David Icke believes the cult he’s always warned about has created this problem to engender compliance in the population in order move towards the goal they seek.

10:58 | Recently, two organisations were playing out a scenario just as this and it is happening just as predicted.

12:23 | David Icke does believe categorically that the Coronavirus is real and questions the figures.

19:28 | He forecast the cult was planning an enormous economic crash and it will have a long-term effect.

25:03 | When great Orwellian draconian systems are put in place, the vast majority of those systems never return to their previous state.

25:57 | Advising against the use of cash is all part of the plan and finally there will be more population surveillance.

27:25 | David Icke believes the strain of Coronavirus in Italy and Iran is different to that circulating elsewhere.

39:15 | David Icke believes the solutions to Climate Change are the same as those for Coronavirus.

40:49 | Lock down for the vast majority with the immune system to fight it is manipulative of society and will result in the further destruction of the economy.

52:33 | The vaccine is the punchline of this scenario.

58:59 | Why Trump appears to be reacting in a way which will damage his hopes of re-election and Boris Johnson appears not to believe that all the preventative measures are necessary.

1:04:59 | Technology is in use to control the virus in China, Singapore and South Korea, but will those in the west allow such infringement on their freedom, or is fear pushing them towards it..

1:20:24 | People in panic will accept any form of control if they think it will help them survive, including the guaranteed income and business loans.

1:25:30 | David Icke says this is not a genocidal pandemic, it is creating circumstances of fear to justify the solution. The technique of creative destruction bringing closer the hunger games society.

1:30:04 | David Icke looks at the coming weeks and months and wonders at what point will the cult behind this think it has achieved what it wants.

1:32:57 | Gradual extensions to the lock down is part of the totalitarian tiptoe.

1:38:04 | David Icke advises how people can relieve their fear for now and for the future.

1:51:29 | David Icke’s final words of advice.

1:52:44 | This could be a great catalyst.


March 17, 2020 London Real Podcast


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