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Speaking Engagements

Want a guest speaker to educate your next rally, audience, staff, or webinar?

Ask AJ to attend your next freedom event and he'll wow your people with the truth about Covid-19.

Since March 2020, AJ has invested over 5000 hours actively researching Covid19; he has watched over 2500 videos and read more than 1500 articles and peer-reviewed studies from hundreds of industry experts in all areas of science and law, and has seen the stark reality of his predictions now coming true.


He has studied the science and listened to dozens of world-renowned experts with over 1200 years of collective professional experience in virology, immunology, nanotechnology, vaccines, biowarfare, genetic engineering, statistical analysis, medicine, PCR sampling, cancer research, numerology, and occult messaging.


Before you write him off as a conspiracy theorist, you may wish to browse this website, read his 250-page book called The Covid Report, and listen to what he has to say.


He has been a prominent speaker at over 30 rallies in Alberta since August of 2020 and may be one of the most knowledgeable experts on Covid-19 in Canada.

Your Speaker Profile

Arnold Jameson


Arnold (AJ) Jameson

As the founder, developer, medical researcher, investigative reporter, and editor-in-chief of CV19News, it is my passion and responsibility to uncover the hidden rabbit holes and bunny trails that lead us to the truth. I have a unique ability to connect disparate, seemingly-unconnected dots that uncover hidden patterns which ultimately expose the real conspiracy hiding in plain sight. The trouble is, most people aren't trained to see it. The Nazi's taught us that a lie told loud enough, often enough, and long enough eventually becomes the truth in the minds of the public

My talent is in seeing the facts for what they are and then compiling them into a cohesive logical story that the typical unaware person can at least understand, then comprehend as plausible, and hopefully come to believe

For over 30 years, I have amassed unique knowledge about finance, the law, global politics, the occult, numerology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, technology, 5G smart tech, military weaponry, global warming, religion, nutrition, constitutional & common law, and most recently the medical sciences including vaccines, nanotechnology, virology, biology, and biotechnology.


Click the button above for a detailed bio that event organizers can use to introduce AJ to the audience.


It takes about 2 minutes to read and will adequately introduce him to the audience so he won’t need to repeat his strategically-planned credentials during his allocated speaking time. It’s always best to have the MC make the introduction and set the stage for what is to come. 

Speaking engagements can be designed for 5 minutes or 2 hours, or any length in between, with most sessions lasting 10-20 minutes. The typical plan is to divide his content into multiple sessions over several events, although it can all be done in one keynote speech lasting 1-2 hours.


Webinars can likewise cater to audiences globally and can be scheduled through platforms such as Eventbrite for a small fee of $10-$20 per virtual ticket. Charitable fundraisers keep 50% of the proceeds for worthy causes such as legal defense funds and charities that are prevented from in-person fundraisers during lockdowns and other restrictions like vaccine passport requirements. 


The Agenda


The agenda for the first speaking engagement (or part one of a single session) is to discuss the preplanned nature of Covid-19 by presenting rock solid evidence that governments and the globalists have been preparing for this event since at least the year 2000. This first topic should be able to get done in 15 minutes and leave people wanting more.

At the second event, or in part two of a longer session, AJ talks about the vaccines as bioweapons and the mechanisms of injury that can occur from these mRNA gene therapy injections. 

At future events or for longer sessions, he can discuss one or all of the following topics:

  • Germ theory vs. Terrain theory

  • PCR tests, statistics, media propaganda

  • facemasks, other mitigation strategies, and lockdowns

  • violations of the law and legal attack strategies against mandates

  • nutrition, health, and vaccine detoxification methods

  • the 5G connection to disease and Covid-19

  • the planned future scenarios of the globalists

  • and how to prepare for the food and energy crisis, supply chain breakdowns, and financial collapse.

Regardless of the length of presentation you request, we would suggest that your guests watch the videos below PRIOR to attending so they will have the best background understanding of the key issues involved. 


Organizer Requirements

At multi-speaker rallies or events, it is usually recommend to place AJ near the beginning of the event and / or just before a motivational speaker who will reinvigorate the crowd after the intense knowledge session that really is the key to waking people up from their belief that this is a natural pandemic. 

  • For live in-person events, please have a podium for his notes and / or a mike stand as he does use his hands and other props to explain certain concepts and he needs a place to put his binder for ease of presentation.

  • If power and a multimedia hookup with internet and HDMI is available, please let us know so PowerPoint and video can be used to enhance the experience. 

  • Preview THIS VIDEO from our home page and open your event with this 7 1/2 minute intro called "The New Normal". The direct download link is!AgV-Cd98Qo-qkJJ9R7vxOZSIosKexQ?e=8bXAQh

This information should help you to prepare for a successful rally, presentation, meeting, or webinar event. 

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