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CV19News is currently in the process of drafting the script and gathering the content to a feature documentary series to be called Covid19 - Footprints in the Sand. An Historical Perspective on the Creation of the Greatest Mass Genocide in History.

This film will surely break the internet as we expose how this manufactured event came to be, who is behind it, and why is it being done. The trail evidence is abundantly obvious in hindsight and the warning signs have been everywhere while most people slept through the delusion building right around them. This film will surely awaken a great many people to the reality in which we live. 

We are actively seeking funding from donors, members, and crowdfunding sources in order to produce this film. Please take a look through the working script below to get an idea on the sequence of topics we will be discussing. Keep in mind that this is a work-in-progress that started with an Airtable template built around the scripting of a podcast. Many fields may not make sense yet but the main titles and topic headings are enough to provide context for where we are going with this concept.


Click any card in the Airtable below to expand and read more. 

The live working script is created in the OneNote file first and then copied to the Airtable. Therefore, click the OneNote button to see the current progress in real time.

View it in OneNote here

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