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About Us

Quality news topics often censored by Big Tech and Big Pharma about Covid19, 5G, vaccines, and biotech.

Born out of necessity from the Covid19 PLANdemic of 2019/20, CV19News aims to bring you original and republished third party editorial content that is often too dangerous to be told to the masses by the official governmental services corporations, controlled mainstream media channels, and bought-off scientific organizations that have trillions of dollars at stake to protect their "official" conspiracy theory. Republication is done to preserve valuable content that seems to be mysteriously disappearing from the internet and social media platforms due to concerted efforts by silicon valley tech giants and their "fact-checkers".

Editorial Staff

Arnold Jameson


Arnold (AJ) Jameson

As the founder, developer, medical researcher, investigative reporter, and editor-in-chief of CV19News, it is my passion and responsibility to uncover the hidden rabbit holes and bunny trails that lead us to the truth. I have a unique ability to connect disparate, seemingly-unconnected dots that uncover hidden patterns which ultimately expose the real conspiracy hiding in plain sight. The trouble is, most people aren't trained to see it. The Nazi's taught us that a lie told loud enough, often enough, and long enough eventually becomes the truth in the minds of the public

My talent is in seeing the facts for what they are and then compiling them into a cohesive logical story that the typical unaware person can at least understand, then comprehend as plausible, and hopefully come to believe

For over 30 years, I have amassed unique knowledge about finance, the law, global politics, the occult, numerology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, technology, 5G smart tech, military weaponry, global warming, religion, nutrition, constitutional & common law, and most recently the medical sciences including vaccines, nanotechnology, virology, biology, and biotechnology.

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