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How Can You Help with this Truth Movement?

All of our collective Liberty is literally at stake right now, in this time, and a Nazi-style global tyranny with high-technology surveillance & control is just a step away if we don't learn from history and stop it now! Many people have asked how they can help with the cause of Freedom. Here are some immediate steps everyone can do.

  1. Familiarize yourself with as many articles on this site as you can so you are better informed than the counterattacking enemies who will surely confront you for exposing the truth.

  2. Share each article to social media and through DIRECT text or email messages to your contacts (social media will eventually shadow ban your posts and our links as we gain traction.)

    • To easily share any article, right click on any post and copy the URL link, then copy the link to your desired platform (email, text, Facebook) to send people directly to an article of interest.

    • Under the Links section, we have certain high importance links already coded with QR codes that others can scan to quickly get to a particular page. This is a great way to post on social media where your posts won't get banned and people will visit the link out of curiosity.

  3. Invite people to the weekly Freedom Walk and Rally Events posted on the home page. These steps alone will help drive the movement towards freedom from the NWO agenda.

  4. Donate or subscribe to a paid membership plan directly on this site to help support the materials, signs, and handouts we will produce for the weekly events.

  5. Register as a member so you will get automatic notifications of new posts. We won't be sending out much email so the newsletter option is less informative.

As other possibilities to assist are made available, this list will be updated, so do check back often. We thank you in advance for any support and assistance you can offer. 

Sincerely, AJ.


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