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YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Google, Instagram, and other big tech companies are extending every effort to remove alternative media video interviews from the internet because they obviously reveal too much truth that the elite cultists don't want revealed. Watch and download them now before they disappear from the matrix. Your liberty is literally at stake right now, in this time!

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The following are videos that were not linkable from YouTube due to extreme censorship of the truth. That should alert listeners to the fact that the truth is being revealed and that the matrix establishment does not want it to get out. 

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The are three videos in the Covid19 panel that are presented by mainstream sources that tell a very convincing narrative about how the alleged virus functions and how vaccines might be effective. We do not agree with these assertions as you will see starting with the video called "A Breakdown on Current Testing Procedures" featuring Dr. Andrew Kaufman.  The truth is,  the current RT-PCR test being used all over the world only tests for the presence of the RNA of genetic markers called exosomes, and NOT for some presumed-to-be-present virus named COVID19. This alleged virus was not isolated in China using the standard virological testing procedures known as Koch's Postulates, nor has it ever been isolated and identified using that procedure, so the positive presumptive tests that look for the "virus" are only finding associated markers that are believed to be present with the unidentified COVID19 virus which has not even been proven scientifically to exist! Even more shocking, and contrary to popular belief, viruses are not contagious, are not transmittable person-to-person or between species, and are merely non-living genetic material cellular excretions from cells that are undergoing a toxic house-cleaning "outfection" in response to an insult to the cells from some outside stimulus!


One video discusses the Event 201 pandemic training drill held on October 19, 2019, just six weeks prior to the outbreak that was modelled to start in Wuhan, China, revealing the EXACT scenario we are witnessing now.  Listen to the highlights from that training event carefully to understand what else is likely on the horizon during this false flag event and what is being pre-planned next by this global cult who are planning a massive worldwide depopulation agenda.


Watch and learn so you can defend your rights and freedoms when the jackboots come knocking at your door to forcibly vaccinate you with an ineffective and dangerous vaccine, during or after this fake pandemic. 


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