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To support this independent media station through regular or one-time donations, while enjoying additional site access privileges, please consider the following options.


As a registered and supporting CV19 News member, you will have access privileges to our entire library of proprietary legal documents, Mask Exemption Card templates, flyers, brochures, and of course, all the important videos that we have downloaded from YouTube, Vimeo, Bitchute, London Real TV, and other platforms for the express reason that you may help to archive these censored videos which apparently pose a direct threat to the silicon valley tech giants and government censors who don't seem to want this information in the public eye.


Collectively we need to spread this knowledge around so that no one deleted copy of a video collection will affect us all. FAKE NEWS offered by the lying main stream media can only survive and brainwash the masses when it is not compared to the light of truth. Silencing the alternative media may have worked in 2001 for the 9/11 deception, but it won't work now 20 years later.


"Remember, darkness always runs from the light"


Of course, the official excuse they provide is that what we are revealing from industry experts and educated researchers the world over, is actually fake news and misinformation that might harm people or go against their community guidelines. That is exactly what the perpetrators say through their controlled media to imply that they alone control the truth. As you are about to learn from CV19News, the truth is exactly what the globalist cult is so afraid of. When subscribed, we encourage you to download our files from the memebrs-only download page to your own hard drive and/or sync to our OneDrive link to stay current, and then share them with others to help preserve this content forever. If you don't, once tyranny arrives at your door, you will regret not having this information in your defence. 

This website has taken many months and hundreds of hours to assemble so as to serve the common law freedom-loving people of the world. What started as merely a pet project to awaken a few friends, family members, and clients, has turned into an all-consuming and never ending search for truth to expose the criminal agenda that is attempting to usher in a New World Order tyrannical government and forced vaccinations on all of humanity. Your time to get educated and object is running short!

Please consider purchasing a subscription or making a one-time donation to help support this platform so we can continue working on our critical project of researching, compiling, organizing, and archiving this valuable information that can help put an end to this global power grab of the New World Order. Your monthly sustaining subscription or one-time donation is how you can help us further the mission. If you prefer to donate by email, please send it to


NOTE: If your chosen password hint is not obvious, please send a follow-up contact email with the password in a separate thread to the same address so we can deposit your generous contribution.

Each Membership plan includes: 

  • Unlimited access to ALL members-only features

  • Downloadable print-ready Mask Exemption Card templates

  • Downloadable waiver of liability templates (various forms)

  • Automatic notices of all new posts

  • Access to privileged PRIVATE posts when published

  • Satisfaction of supporting the Independent & Honest REAL News Media

  • Cancel online at anytime


  • Help with drafting a mask exemption letter to your employer

  • Advice on fighting city and state/provincial fines

  • Drafting of legal briefs, filings, & attack letters

  • Situation specific phone/video conference advice