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Are you an owner of a small or medium-sized business who has been financially decimated or bankrupted by the Covid19 lockdowns imposed by your government?

We are on a mission to expose this Covid19 fraudulent event and begin holding governments and the corrupt politicians accountable for their actions against businesses and citizens. Based on false evidence, bad science, and fear alone, governments around the world are implementing business-destroying measures that have shuttered literally hundreds of thousands of businesses and left tens of millions of people unemployed, needlessly. The economic damage is immense, in the trillions of dollars world wide. Only certain businesses deemed to be essential have been allowed to remain open during this manufactured and planned public health crisis. The truth is: 


Every business owner and citizen is guaranteed the constitutional right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which includes the right to earn an income from the fruits of their own labor.  The idea that politicians and medical officers can lockdown society and put people out of work en masse, all in the name of protecting public health until forced vaccinations can be introduced, is really a crime against humanity, the Nuremberg code, and the International Humans rights code. 


Arbitrary mask and social distancing bylaws prescribed by politicians amount to practicing medicine without a license by trying to enforce a medical intervention or procedure on people. Unscientific scaremongering that relies on media propaganda and unfounded scientific claims, has induced fear and hardship on businesses and citizens which legally amounts to domestic terrorism. 


If you are a Canadian business owner who has suffered severe economic damage or have been forced to close your business as a result of these draconian measures, we invite you to join our movement. We are in the process of establishing a class action legal fund that will launch civil lawsuits against local, provincial, and federal governments for recovery of the economic damages they have caused by their dangerous and medically-unsound policy measures.

We intend to sue these government service corporations and politicians to the tune of $1 TRILLION


We believe that the various torts, crimes, and constitutional violations they have committed include:

  • malfeasance of office

  • domestic terrorism

  • practicing medicine without a license

  • theft of public property

  • misuse of funds

  • mail fraud

  • treason

  • extortion

  • abuse of power

  • conspiracy to commit fraud

  • criminal negligence causing death

  • lying to the public (propagandizing)

  • and many other yet-to-be-determined violations of law and the constitution.


We ask that all small and medium businesses in Calgary and Alberta collaborate with us to launch legal actions against every perpetrator we can identify as having enabled these crimes. We will work to sue and hold accountable financially the guilty and seek full restitution from each of the parties. 

By joining our Small Business Fund membership plan, you can begin the process of participating in what will become the largest lawsuit ever launched in the history of the world. We will start locally in Calgary and then work up provincially to the Alberta Government, and then finally to Ottawa and the Prime Minister himself

Your funds will help you to immediately repel the current and future planned restrictions that are killing your business, or soon will. We believe there is a very short window of opportunity to go on the offensive and stop this agenda in its tracks, if we all act fast. We cannot predict the total budget required or the likelihood of success but, with your support, we can certainly get their collective attention. One thing is for sure, ALL non-mega corporations are living on borrowed time to survive this manufactured crisis. The agenda is to shutter all small and medium-sized businesses in favor of a few mega corporations that will run the means of production. Private wealth creation is intended to become extinct under the dystopian Agenda 2030 plan. 

Please join the movement to help save your own business and the global economy by proxy. Time is extremely short or this evil plan will succeed by your collective acquiescence. 


Arnold (AJ) Jameson. 

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