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Covid19 Wall of Shame 

Enabler Infractions Reported by Citizens

This page is a public record of enablers who have helped further the hidden agenda that is pushing for totalitarian control over the global society. The offenders shown here should be ashamed of themselves for negligently assisting with these crimes against humanity. After WWII, the Nazi prison camp guards tried the "I was just following orders" excuse at the war crimes trials at Nuremberg, and many were executed and imprisoned for "just following orders". Just like back then, these shameful enablers are knowingly or unknowingly helping to build the Orwellian police state control grid around themselves and us, and they are being used as pawns in the global grand chess game of the New World Order police state technocracy. 


Real citizens have had bad real life experiences and interactions with businesses, governmental services corporations, and private persons surrounding the Covid19 lock-down. Such interactions as: harassment about wearing a mask or social distancing; being issued fines; being denied access or service as a customer; being denied work on the grounds of refusing to follow guidelines; being bullied or publicly shamed in any way; or just discriminated against in some fashion over Covid19.

If you find you have been reported to our Wall of Shame and see yourself or business shown below, then you need to wake up, learn the truth about this PLANdemic, and apologize for your actions. We will then alter our report to reflect your remorse. Either way, you will be forever immortalized on this Covid19 Wall of Shame. We hope to pressure enablers like you to stop the crimes against our personal liberties until you reverse your evil ways!

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