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RT-PCR Tests


We have an RT-PCR Casedemic; NOT a viral Pandemic!

The Key to ending this PLANdemic is to use the legal system of discovery and declaratory judgements to destroy the ability of health agencies and the media to use the Covid19 Test Kit Trick to push unjustified Fear! 

Mr. Rocco Galati, founder of the Constitutional Rights Centre, is Canada's leading constitutional lawyer who is famous for his numerous successful constitutional challenges against the Federal government for violations of the rule of law. On July 6, 2020 he filed a 191 page lawsuit against the Federal Government, Justin Trudeau, Teresa Tam, Doug Ford and the Province of Ontario, John Tory and the City of Toronto, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and numerous other parties for $11 million plus costs, while seeking declaratory judgments against the Covid19 lock-downs and mitigation protocols that are destroying the Canadian and world economies, as well as the health of its citizens. For full details on this current legal cases, see our Lawsuits page


The justification for the extreme draconian, unjustified, and unconstitutional measures being taken by all levels of government is the number of so-called positive test cases and alleged deaths of people who have tested positive for the genetic markers that are only assumed to be present with the "virus" called SARS-Cov2 which is the supposed cause of a flu-like illness called Covid19. The trouble is, the alleged "virus" cannot be identified, even IF it does exist, by the RT-PCR test currently being used to search for it, and then to report the result as an alleged case of an infection!


This is scientific fraud and outright domestic terrorism being waged against the unsuspecting public. It amounts to a violation of the Nuremberg code which bans medical experimentation without the patient's fully-informed consent.

Before you look further... 

Have you ever wondered about how the RT-PCR test works? Kary Mullis, the very inventor of the Noble-prize winning invention warns us NOT to use his test for diagnosis. So why are we using this test despite his warning?

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"The other defining factor, and not just for the SARS- and the Corona-virus, is that virologists who allege that pathogenic viruses exist suppressed a well-known fact for understandable reasons. The virus test that is used is a genetic test. The genetic sequences which they seek in the test are not isolated from a virus. They isolate typical genetic sequences, which are released in increasing quantities when tissues and cells die. These generally short genetic sequences, which are component parts of the human metabolism need to be studied further.


Virologists can theoretically construct, with the help of a computer program, long genetic strands from many short genetic sequences. These are then claimed to be real viral genetic strands. That is the reason why healthy people who are repeatedly tested have a positive test.

Consistently, the virologists ignore two of the prescribed rules of science so that they do not contradict themselves. The first is to consistently verify all assertions oneself. The second is to test all assumptions and methods by means of control experiments. If they would carry out the control experiments, they would discover that all the genetic sequences, which are theoretically connected together to form a viral genetic strand originate from the human metabolism and not from outside, from an alleged virus."

Dr. Stefan Lanka - leading German Virologist



August 25, 2020 (14:00)

Dr. Kaufman discusses the SARS-COV2 PCR test and the possibility that Human Chromosome 8 could trigger a false positive/match for the virus. We learn that the RT-PCR test being used to classify "cases" as Covid19, actually DOES NOT test for the virus! It tests for the presence of only genetic material and looks for a very small sequence of DNA code that allegedly is unique and belongs only to the SARS-Cov2 virus. However, researchers have now discovered something quite shocking about the test results and Dr. Kaufman shows us the evidence that busts that theory wide-open! Click to play.


Conversations with Dr. Cowan and Friends Episode 12: Jon Rappoport


December 17, 2020

(51:16 min)


For those of you who have been following my work concerning COVID-19, you know that the entire foundation of the story of the virus rests on whether the novel “corona virus” has been properly isolated and its entire genome characterized. Many of you have sent papers to me that have been published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals that claim to have isolated and characterized this new virus. They are all incorrect. In fact, the original Corman-Drosten et al paper (see a good review here) on which this edifice of viral causation is based states that they used an “in silico” genome of an “in silico” virus. “In silico” is Latin for “theoretical.” In common English, synonyms for theoretical are “imaginary” or “make-believe.”


The CDC in its July 2020 monograph states “no quantified isolated of the 2019-nCov are available.” Again, in simple English, this means they have no examples of an isolated virus in their possession. In Freedom of Information requests, the Canadian health ministry, the Australian health ministry and the governments of many Commonwealth countries admit that they do not possess any studies that show the isolation of this purported virus. In this interview, and hopefully for the final time, Jon Rappaport and I describe in common language and precise detail the steps that are needed to properly isolate and characterize a virus. We did this so we could empower our readers and listeners to know for themselves how to read and identify fraudulent science. Among the many challenges we face, one is the rampant scientific illiteracy. In some ages this may not have been relevant, but if we are going to live in an era in which “science” is the new religion and its tenets control our lives, we had better understand what its unquestioned “priests” are saying. I can tell you, the more I look into what passes for “science,” the more I see how rotten it is to the core. If we are to have a new “religion,” let’s have one of truth, freedom, justice and the sense of wonder and awe at the phenomena of life. Let us celebrate what it means to be a human being endowed with a free spirit in a loving relationship with the mystery that is our world. Please join me in this interview. Click to play.

Conversations with Dr. Cowan and Friends
Covid 19 - Evidence of a Global



December 8, 2020 (11:42 min)



Article by Iain Davis:

Dr. Tom Cowan reviews the Off-Guardian article of the same title that completely reveals the evidence of how this global SCAMdemic is being done. As it turns out, there are hundreds of gene sequences along both the humane genome as well as along the genomes of hundreds of microbes that have a 100% identity match to the alleged-to-exist "novel" coronavirus they are calling SARS-COV2. Using the BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool) to run a search query in the National Institute of Health's database called GenBank, anyone can see the evidence for themselves. What this means is that ALL RT-PCR tests that are being used to identify a supposed Covid19 infection are actually finding nothing more than existing parts of your existing genetic sequence and saying that you have Covid19! This is a MASSIVE fraudulent deception designed to coerce you into taking the vaccine, accepting lockdowns, and the coming financial bailouts in exchange for forfeiting all your personal property forever! Click to play.



August 24, 2020 (55:38 min)

David Icke, one of the world's leading conspiracy revealists about the New World Order, interviews the now famous Dr. Andrew Kaufman where it is learned that the RT-PCR test being used to classify "cases" as Covid19, actually DOES NOT test for the virus! It tests for the presence of only genetic material and looks for a very small sequence of DNA code that allegedly is unique and belongs only to the SARS-Cov2 virus. However, researchers have now discovered something quite shocking about the test results and Dr. Kaufman shows us the evidence that busts that theory wide-open! Click to play.

how do the tests for coronavirus work da

Should you take the Covid19 Test?

Have you heard of the emerging theory that viruses might really be Exosomes?  Are you absolutely certain that COVID-19 is contagious?  How confident are you in the results from the test?

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Flaws in Coronavirus

Pandemic Theory

What does the Covid19 RT-PCR test Actually test for?


Dr. Andrew Kaufman has exposed this critical issue numerous times all over the world and he is truly a hero whistleblower for his excellent explanations on the nature of the RT-PCR test kit trick. See the section below for a couple great articles and video explanations of what they found and what an exosome is. 

Exosomes, Virus, and the RT-PCR Tests

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