Black & White List 

This page lists those user-submitted businesses and agencies that have a history of supporting mask exemptions for their guests and/or employees, as well as those who unlawfully deny them. We encourage you to frequent only those places that support your right to choose.

 Friendly Places 

Please go out of your way to support and promote these business and agencies at every opportunity for their maskless-friendly policy. Share these supporters on social media, write thank you letters to management, and shop at these places to reward their lawful acceptance of mask exemptions.

 Hostile Places 

Please go out of your way to boycott and shame these business and agencies at every opportunity for their no-mask/no-entry policy. These places are abusing the law, their guests, and various human rights codes against their guests and their employees by enforcing unconstitutional and unlawful mask restrictions. Share these transgressors on social media, write complaint letters to management, and avoid shopping at these places until they comply.

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