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Report a Business to the Black & White List

Use this form to add any business, governmental services corporation, or other establishment to our Black & White List to let others know which ones to support and which ones to boycott based on your positive or negative experience regarding harassment about wearing a mask, anti-social distancing, fines, proof of vaccination or PCR test, denial of access or service as a customer, denial of work as an employee on the grounds that you refuse to follow the guidelines for some reason, being bullied or publicly shamed in any way, or just discriminated against over Covid19. Provide some basic details to help others make more informed shopping decisions. Your submission will instantly appear on the Black & White List page. To publicly report more details about a case, use the Report an Enabler form to post a transgressor to the Wall of Shame page to help warn others about that place or person involved. We hope to pressure non-compliant establishments and people who are directly and indirectly enabling crimes against our personal liberties until they reverse their evil tyranny-supporting ways. 

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