What is an Exosome and how does it relate to Covid19?

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The theory of virology and contagion is in drastic need of a revamp. One of the most exciting new areas in biology is in the field of study of exosomes, one of the body's natural immune system helpers.

Is it possible that the qRT-PCR test currently being used to test for Covid19, is actually identifying an exosome and NOT some exotic noval contagious pathogenic coronavirus? James Hildreth at Johns Hopkins seems to suggest just that.

Could health officials around the world have been embarrassingly misled by a gross mistaken interpretation of the data in the early Wuhan cases and, because of their incorrect assessment (or perhaps a deliberate misassessment) of a contagion, this has led the health authorities the world over to issue a pandemic declaration which has spooked politicians into shutting down the world economy needlessly?

If so, then this is a gross mistake of monumental proportions that needs to be identified and corrected immediately!

Just by chance, CV19News came across a short series of videos totalling about 20 minutes on YouTube while looking for another similarly-named video. This mainstream scientific education piece was produced and uploaded by Thermo Fisher Scientific on October 15, 2013 and is also available on their website here.


Exosomes—The Next Small Thing: A Mini Documentary Series

We asked 10 prominent scientists to share their thoughts on science and, in particular, the field of exosomes research. The video-series tells the story and history of this exciting new area of research, and its impact on other research fields such as cancer and immunology. The video-series also discusses the potential future therapeutic and diagnostic applications that may come from exosome research.


  • Xandra Breakefield, Ph.D........... Professor, Massachusetts General Hospital

  • Jan Lötvall, MD., Ph.D .............. Professor, University of Gothenburg, President of ISEV

  • Suresh Mohla, Ph.D.................. Chief (TBMB) and Division Associate Director, NIH

  • Esther Nolte-'t Hoen, Ph.D......... Senior Scientist, Utrecht University

  • Michiel Pegtel, Ph.D................. Assistant Professor, VUmc, Amsterdam

  • Graça Raposo-Benedetti, Ph.D.. Director of Research, CNRS, Institut Curie

  • Phillip A. Sharp, Ph.D............... Nobel Laureate, Professor, MIT

  • Johan Skog, Ph.D.................... CSO, Exosomes Diagnostics

  • Dima Ter-Ovanesyan.................Ph.D Student, Harvard University

  • Clotilde Thery, Ph.D................. Director of Research, INSERM, Institut Curie, Secretary General of ISEV


Members of the research groups of Michiel Pegtel (Cancer Center Amsterdam, VUmc), Graça Raposo-Benedetti (Structure and Membrane Compartments, CNRS, Institut Curie) and Clotilde Théry (Immunity and Cancer, INSERM, Institut Curie)

Special thanks to the ISEV society for their strong contribution in leading the field of exosome research forward, and to the participants at the ISEV RNA Workshop in New York City October 1st-2nd 2012

Kudos to all scientists that have the courage to follow their curiosity! If you want to learn about the exosomes-specific products available from Life Technologies: https://www.thermofisher.com/ca/en/home/life-science/cell-analysis/exosomes.html?cid=exoep1