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Banned from YouTube for his views

Dr. Rashid Buttar is the osteopathic physician and author best known for his views on Coronavirus and its management.

His first book, “The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away” became a Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLER and has now been translated into multiple languages.

The current global threat under the guise of COVID-19

He is appearing on London Real April 27 at 5pm UK time to raise awareness and share truth regarding the current global threat we are facing under the guise of COVID-19.


With a recent video of Dr. Rashid Buttar discussing the global crisis we are currently facing generating over 9 MILLION VIEWS before being BANNED by YouTube, he becomes the first person to be streamed live by London Real through the DIGITAL FREEDOM PLATFORM.

Original Source: https://londonreal.tv/digital-freedom-platform-interview-1-dr-rashid-buttar/

Provide your email to LondonReal.TV to watch the full presentation from their website.

The video interview contained no slides to see so take the broadcast on the go and listen on your mobile while walking, shopping, or driving in your car.

Listen to the audio file instead. Just click the radio to stream of download from OneDrive.

Listen to Brain Rose's incredible interview with Dr. Rashid Buttar.


00:00 | Trailer. 01:00 | Brian’s introduction to Dr Rashid Buttar and why LR is using an individual freedom platform. 02:38 | Why Dr Rashid Buttar’s videos on YouTube with over 9 million views, were banned. 08:04 | What doesn’t seem right about this pandemic. 10:55 | How Covid-19 has been created. 18:10 | Why the virus research was moved from America to China. 21:57 | Manipulating history of virus research in attempt to prevent people discovering the truth. 23:20 | What Dr Rashid Buttar thinks was happening with the virus between 2015-19. 25:51 | Why he believes this is part of a grand global plan to control people is connected to Bill Gates. 34:18 | How 5G is dangerous in its connection to Covid-19. 44:25 | The three things that exacerbate Covid-19. 56:17 | Why New York has been particularly badly hit by Covid-19. 59:56 | Biggest criminal in pandemic is mainstream media’s diversionary ways and why he will vote for President Trump. 1:06:59 | Main-stream media biased through Bill Gates’ investment in so many companies and the WHO. 1:10:30 | Incomprehension why mention of Coronavirus and 5G in same sentence caused broadcast ban. 1:18:39 | Dr Rashid Buttar believes President Trump knows the truth. 1:22:17 | Why he is scathing about the human genome. 1:24:05 | There is huge potential for humanity, it is a critical time to stop being afraid and start questioning. 1:31:25 | Why Doctors are afraid to speak out. 1:35:30 | Social distancing and vaccination microchip is part of social orchestration. 1:43:25 | What people should do now is instigate their own research and get the truth out. 1:46:22 | Wearing face masks to prevent infecting someone is dangerous media misinformation. 2:01:47 | Dr Rashid Buttar’s final plea to everyone. 2:09:18 | Dr Rashid Buttar’s emotional response to the question about his safety and character assassination. 2:13:26 | Brian prepares for a possible legal battle for freedom of speech. 2:16:58 | Final thoughts from Dr Rashid Buttar. 2:17:43 | Brian’s summing up.

Download clips

A number of clips from this groundbreaking interview are now available to download, share and repost. Spread the word and defend our human rights: grab these clips today!

1. Getting Censored 2. Using Fear To Control Us 3. Fear No Man 4. The Crises That Took The World To Slowly Wake Up 5. Was The Coronavirus Man Made? 6. Was The Coronavirus Spread Intentionally? 7. Is There A Grand Agenda To Control The Population? 8. Getting Vaccinated To Have Citizen Rights 9. Pharmaceuticals Connected To Mainstream Media 10. How We Have Been Manipulated By The Mass Media 11. We Have To Speak Up And Not Let Fear Overtake Us 12. Social Distancing To Surveil Where You Go 13. What You Can Do During The 2020 Pandemic 15. Misinformation Trying To Get People Sick 16. How Trump Is Handling The Situation? 17. Military Mindset 18. What Increases The Spread Of Coronavirus? 19. Do Vaccines Cause Cancer? 20. Is Thimerosal Dangerous?


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