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Updated: Aug 11, 2020

This insider whistleblower reveals an abundance of ventilators and that the tests being used are looking for genetic material (called exosomes) and NOT a virus!

This professional respiratory therapist of 21 years confirms the RT-PCR test evidence provided by Dr. Andrew Kaufman in the article Dr. Andrew Kaufman: Everything You Need to Know about the Covid19 Pandemic

This RT verifies that very few patients in his hospital are sick and that the ones who are, ALL of them have 1,2,3, or more comorbidity factors that brought them to the hospital in the first place. Also, he states that the tests being used are NOT testing for a virus since there is NO TEST for the virus. Compared to H1N1, that was "a million times more scary than Covid19."

In his hospital, they DO NOT have a ventilator shortage and in fact, they are running fewer now than before the lockdown since fewer patients are in for elective surgeries. He asks "why are auto manufacturers making ventilators? Who is going to train us on them?"

[We speculate that those ventilator production contracts were awarded to Ford and GM as a form of taxpayer bailout while auto sales plummet in the country during this scamdemic charade shutdown of the world.]

For the last two months, when the lockdown started, every patient who came in with respiratory breathing problems was labeled Covid19, regardless of the fact that they might have stage 4 lung cancer, pancreatitis, heart disease and liver failure. Initially only one staffer was qualified to do the test and many patients who came in earlier, and some of whom have died, were classified as Covid19 cases despite the underlying causes. Many patients who were under investigation but showed no symptoms, suddenly came up positive after being tested with this erroneous RT-PCR test.

Also, far fewer staff than would normally be expected (only a couple) have tested positive which is odd if there really is a contagion, despite lots of cross-contamination after reusing N95 masks for five shifts. Of course, they are being tested for the same genetic material (e.g. exosomes) and had no symptoms either.

What is most disturbing is that ANY patient who requires a breathing device or ventilator, is automatically labeled as Covid. The are instructed NOT to use the non-invasive ventilation (because it might spread the virus everywhere) but to wait for the patient to crash so they can go directly to the main ventilator, which would create a ventilator shortage under a real emergency. The fact that most equipment is not currently in use, that says a lot about the lack of a real emergency.

Dr. Jensen further explains that, under current fee guidelines, if a hospital can admit a patient that they claim has Covid19, then the billable invoice from the hospital to Medicare, Medicaid, or to the patient directly, is an astonishing $13,000. If that patient gets put on a ventilator, the fee rises to $39,000!

[Watch the short interview here or read the full article in the link above.]

He goes on to explain in that video that such a diagnosis is highly subjective to place it as the first cause on the form, but that many doctors have been writing Covid19 as the primary cause of death when it really wasn't the underlying COD at all. But that little change to the form has enormous estate planning, financial, and political consequences when politicians and lawyers spin the outcome to their advantage.

QUOTE: Dr. Jensen: "Anytime health care intersects with dollars, it gets awkward... I'm not going to add stuff to the death certificate just because it is convenient."


So now, in light of those comments from Dr. Jensen on Fox News, who is also the Senator from Minnesota, this RT's instructions from hospital administration NOT to use the non-invasive ventilators first makes more sense. By waiting for the patient to crash, the hospital can bill out $39,000 dollars to hook up the main ventilator. Talk about corruption!

The RT goes on to say:

"The numbers are being shown like a football game to scare you, and loading bodies into a tractor trailer to scare you. Never in my career have I seen bodies loaded into a tractor trailer. It doesn't ever happen. I wonder if those even were bodies. I don't really believe it. All of this stuff is fake!" he adds.
With respect to vaccinations, he says "you cannot vaccinate yourself for a sinus infection, it's just not going to work."

He says that he is not even sure that there is a virus because you would normally expect to see a quick spike in cases like the flu, and then it is going to drop off as it burns itself out. He says that whether or not there even is a virus, it doesn't warrant shutting down the country or the 6-10 trillion dollars in stimulus money.

He says that you need to question your government and your doctors who also just believe what they are being told, since they don't have time to look it up for themselves.

Wow, he even mentions that Trump is being told what to do by the illuminati and the deep state. That was totally unexpected.

Unfortunately, the video ended just as he was about to tell us NOT to take the vaccine that is sure to be mandated after this event. If another version of this video is found that includes that ending, it will be updated.

Share this widely to help wake up your local politicians and medical professionals, not to mention your families. Tyranny truly is upon us unless we actively oppose it now!



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