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Another MD (DR. SHERRI TENPENNY) weighs in on the PLANDEMIC

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is a board-certified osteopathic medical doctor from Cleveland, Ohio.

She is the founder of Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center, a clinic that specializes in holistic health and healing, including breast thermography, allergy relief and bio-identical hormones. The clinic has seen patients from all 50 states and more than 17 countries.

Dr. Tenpenny is a practicing physician and an internationally known expert on the problems associated with vaccines. She has over 40,000 hours of research into vaccines using the published medical journals and not mere conspiracy theories. Students from all over the world have become confident parents and articulate activists through her online educational courses. She is an author of several books and a contributor to many more. She has done hundreds of TV and radio interviews, including on Coast-to-coast AM with George Noory. As the “Voice for the Health Freedom,” Dr. Tenpenny is an outspoken advocate for free choice in healthcare, including the right to refuse vaccination.


In this brief interview on 4/16/20, Dr. Tenpenny explains the reality of this Coronavirus PLANdemic hoax, which completely overstates the true cases and associated deaths. Before you dismiss this article based on this one statement, listen to her interview and research the rest of to understand the basic facts that you have not been told by the medical community and the mainstream media. She explains that the truths are open for all to see within their own documents at the CDC, NIH, WHO, and other public entities. But this information is ignored, suppressed, and censored by the mainstream media for reasons that will become apparent as you research this website.

Some shocking facts you will learn, which we editors did not know either, until now, is that the CDC and the WHO are privately-owned corporations what have their own tax exempt statuses, as well as their own lobbying arms in Washington and other states, countries of the world.

Be spell bounded by her information about vaccine safety, the truth about Covid19, and a little about the agenda behind this orchestrated financial collapse based on outright gross exaggerations, fear mongering, and junk science.



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