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Covid19: Separating Fact from Fiction and Piecing Together the Virus Puzzle

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Official State-Sanctioned Education on Viruses

This is what the mainstream medical community wants you to believe about viruses and particularly the novel Coronavirus. Watch this short clip first and then read our comments below in their totality. See if can begin to spot the deception.

This clip, like many other MSM presentations online and on TV, uses a lot of fuzzy logic worlds like, we assume, we believe, may have, we think, probably, sometimes, and other synonyms when explaining unproven concepts. It sounds scientific on the face of it but is not backed by fact or the scientific method. Otherwise, they would use more definitive words like did, has been proven to, is backed by, is duplicatable, has been verified by, and so on. All such Darwinian-inspired teachings use such misleading words which does not make an assertion a fact, but relegates it to at best, a theory.

The narrator asserts that the virus evolved from an animal infecting virus that may have started in bats and then migrated to humans (no detailed process or proof for that assertion was offered). He says that a virus reproduces by getting its genes into a living cell, but does not offer an explanation of how that might happen. It's like saying the first cell evolved into all other life forms. Sounds good in theory but where is the proof, and how did the first cell come to be? Again no proof is offered but it sounds scientific.

In describing the action of the virus, he states that it sticks to the outer part of a healthy cell until swallowed by it, thereby initiating the replication phase which leads to infection. What he doesn't tell us is that cells just don't swallow other foreign invaders for the heck of it. The have a protective shell to prevent penetration by foreign invaders. Animal viruses are coded uniquely for certain cells within animals which is why cross-species transmission to humans is not possible without injection, and has never been proven to happen using the scientific method, as you will learn later in this post.

He says that the natural process of evolution (again an unproven theory but is assumed to happen) can sometimes (under what conditions? not always?) lead to mutations to overcome this problem. He further states that mutations might happen to occur when two viruses come together (how exactly and under what specific conditions do they come together?) to form a new virus (was that process also assumed or has it been observed using the scientific method?).

Prior to the launching of this news site, we would have fallen for some of the same nonsense assertions that are in this video. Here are several problems we see.

  • It parrots the information that comes from the WHO, the World Health Organization, more appropriately known as the World Hoax Organization, which is the Bill & Melinda Gates mostly-owned global depopulation front and false flag progenitor of this Covid19 PLANdemic. On October 18, 2019, Event 201 was a planned outbreak drill that mimicked this actual event almost exactly, just 6 weeks prior to the Wuhan, China outbreak. All historical false flag operations are associated with actual training drills just before or during the real events. That is NOT a coincidence. It is meant to show their due diligence and that they were at least planning for such an occurrence which just "happened to occur" soon after their training drill, but before they could do anything about it. "But we warned you!" is what they will say now.

  • Evolution is an absolute myth. It cannot, does not, nor ever will happen, so the entire Darwinian idea of descent with modification, and the other statements that the video makes about viruses mutating and growing into newer or more complex forms, is complete nonsense. Life devolves when mutations occur; it does not evolve. Evolution does not actually happen since each mutation is a loss, or scrambling, of genetic information, which moves an organism DOWN the ladder of complexity and not UP the ladder. No proof or peer-reviewed publication of a beneficial mutation (that doesn't simultaneously disable the organism in another way) has even been shown to occur.

  • Viruses cannot be transmitted human-to-human or species-to-species, period. If a virus was to be ingested, it would go into the digestive tract and be dissolved by the stomach acid. If inhaled or absorbed, the immune system would attack at and eliminate it.

  • All viruses are dead to begin with. They are simple nonliving protein fragments wrapped with a fat lipid layer. They are part of the immune system and are actually beneficial, not harmful, in most cases. Viruses are more like a common solvent or soap which is produced by the immune system as a last resort response to a toxic overload in the cells that the body's internal bacteria and other immune system responses, such as white blood cells, were unable to clean up. As the toxic-compromised cell finally gives up the fight and bursts open, toxins or poisons are released along with something called an exosome. The exosome is the clean-up crew designed to eliminate those poisons before they can penetrate a healthy cell. A virus, which is already present in all of us, is essentially the body's last-ditch weapon of mass destruction that springs into action when all else fails. It is used to emulsify the excreted poisons from the overburdened cells in an attempt to detoxify the tissues from the toxic overload that has accumulated over time due to either acute or prolonged exposure to some kind of insult, such as chemical ingredients in junk food, toxic environments like air pollution, pharmaceutical medications, vaccinations containing heavy metals, stress, and a whole host of other environmental toxins including radiation from X-rays, and RF radio frequency emissions from cellular, TV, radio, and WiFi (2G, 3G, 4G and the new 5G.)

  • A virus, which is actually a soap or solvent (think tide soap in your wash machine) helps to create a mucus or lubricant around the free-floating poison excretions to literally slip-slide the toxins to the lymphatic system where they are eventually eliminated through sweat, urine, feces, a runny nose, and a cough. The reason we often get a fever and phlegm when we are sick is because the extra internally-generated heat serves to speed circulation so that the virus or soap can move those poisons to the lymphatic system for eventual elimination. Regarding this soap/solvent hypothesis and the mentioned pandemics like swine flu, MERS, SARS, Covid19, etc., watch this video called How you get a “Virus” Aajonus Vonderplanitz.

  • The lead video at the top of the page implies that a virus works its way into a healthy cell where it uses the replication capabilities of the cell to create copies of itself. This is ludicrous. Viruses are dead things, they have no intelligence, and have no mode of locomotion to migrate into a healthy cell, no more than tide laundry soap is alive and able to replicate in the wash. Again, a virus is a soap or a solvent, nothing more.

  • Bioengineering of viral weapons, from what we have been able to research, is also largely a myth. But, for decades, the whole concept of virology based on Louis Pasteur's bacterial studies (bacteria are alive), and transmission of viruses between humans that allegedly cause SARS, Ebola, Polio, Influenza, or the latest one Covid19, has never been scientifically proven to occur, nor has any study published in a peer reviewed paper with reproducible results showed a virus can be transmitted to and “infect” another host, unless directly injected. Science and the media have somehow conflated bacterial infections with viral infections, as if they are the same, which they are not.

  • Again, the simple reason is that these internal protein fragments are produced from within the body and are not even alive. They cannot reproduce on their own, and unless directly injected into the bloodstream, they cannot get into another person to cause disease. The alleged cross-species jump from bats or pigs or birds to humans, is an unsubstantiated myth. That's why the concept of a pandemic is complete and utter nonsense. Every year, 1 billion people get the flu, 5 million people get hospitalized with the flu, and 640,000 die worldwide from flu complications. To reclassify many of those as a Covid19 statistic can be done with a simple test kit trick leading to planned deception to justify the pandemic, lockdown, and many other actions to come.

  • Regarding the Covid19 testing trick, we refer you to Dr Andrew Kaufman’s video called “A Breakdown on Current Testing Procedures”:

Dr. Kaufman explains that viruses are NOT transmittable person-to-person, or species-to-species. He also explains the origin of the so-called Covid19 test and how it actually tests for the presence of exosomes and NOT the viral protein coronavirus fragment, which was NOT isolated and identified in China using what is called a Gold Standard test. Rather, they used a new unorthodox cancer detection test which only looks for the presence of exosomes, which have been assumed to be present only if the coronavirus is present, but was never shown to actually be in the lung fluid tests which were performed on only 7 of the 200 initial cases form the wet fish market in Wuhan.

Also, what very few people realize is that exosomes are present in nearly every one of us at any given time depending on what internal infections we might be fighting. The RT-PCR test they used does NOT test for total viral load either; merely the presence of any amount of exosomes which they say are RNA genetic markers associated with the alleged “virus”. That’s akin to saying that you tested positive for white blood cells, which we say are present with the novel coronavirus (in reality, they are present with any kind of coronavirus, including the one that causes the common cold), and therefore you must have Covid19. Anyone who is sick of something should test positive using this type of test.

It has been estimated that over 80% of Covid19 tests are false positives since any unhealthy person is likely to test positive using the RT-PCR test.

The RT-PCR or Reverse Transcription Polymerized Chain Reaction test is really testing for the presence of RNA genetic material and NOT a virus!

In summary, the current test looks for an extremely common RNA protein signature of a particle that is likely to be in the fluid of anyone not currently in good health. It DOES NOT test for the virus itself, which has never been proven to exist nor has it been isolated using the Gold Standard test of the scientific method. Their positive test result implies that the virus must be there because the RNA fragment of the exosome was there, which is not always true and often is not true. This is deceptive manipulation at best and a deliberate lie at worst in order to fabricate just cause for a pandemic declaration. The motives for that are discussed elsewhere in this site.

Viruses are essentially in all of us, all the time, and are there as part of the immune system response. Just like when an animal or human body dies in a forest, in very little time the body starts to decompose. Question: where do the microbes and bacteria come from to start the decomposition process which produces maggots and eventually flies that CSI and medical examiners use to determine the time of death? Answer: these microbes and bacteria are already present in the living body and are only signaled to spring into action once the body dies. Likewise, viruses are always present in our bodies and only become a problem when we are toxically overloaded from some other cause. they are signalled into action as a soap or a solvent when toxic overload gets really severe. So, as Dr. kaufman and others assert, it is an absolute myth that viruses are transmittable and can cause an infection in other people. Can you get infected by Tide soap when your neighbor does the wash every Saturday at 3pm? Of course not. It's not contagious even though millions of people might have a Tide soap issue at the same time. It's just the law of probability given 7.7 billion people on earth, with over half likely fighting off an infection of some kind at any given moment. Likewise, transmission from animals of their internal viruses to humans is not possible for the same reasons.

  • Mainstream Doctors have begun speaking out en masse on social media and various vlogs. Suspiciously, the Silicon Valley giants like Youtube and Vimeo have been pulling down such expert opinions as fake news. The majority of the fake news online is really coming from the MSM.

  • In this video, Dr. Annie Bukacek explains the CDC's death certificate reporting requirements and how those are used to dramatically inflate the numbers of deaths attributed to the so-called Covid19 condition. As she explains, the CDC's guidance suggests that if coronavirus can at all be blamed for any death, even in such drastic cases as a car accident victim whose lungs happened to test positive for exosomes (which they call Covid19) then the death certificate should say so and the vital statistics database updated to reflect that fact, even if an autopsy was not performed! This is shocking news and screams at a hidden agenda.

In short, the misinformation that the lead video provided is exactly what the mainstream media, doctors, health organisations, and politicians want us to believe in order to perpetuate the myth of viral infections leading to pandemics, resulting in a global lockdown, social distancing measures, travel restrictions, and the complete theft of everyone's wealth, freedoms and ultimately their lives once forced vaccinations are introduced! Who's to say what will be in this magical vaccine which will never have a safety study performed on it, and the pharma manufacturer will have prosecutorial immunity because of the already established vaccine act that prevents them from being sued for injuries. It's quite the little scam the globalists have been building up to over the last few decades to get us to this point.

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