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VAXXED The Movie - From Coverup to Catastrophe - 2016

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

This is the most dangerous film to the Coronavirus PLANdemic and really explains WHY this global manufactured crisis and lockdown has occurred in the first place. Mandatory vaccinations are the end game of Covid19.

The linkages to autism and other neurotoxin-related diseases to the MMR vaccine were covered-up inside the CDC for years until one day, quite by chance, Dr. Stephen Thompson reached out to an environmental biologist, Brian Hooker, PhD, whom he learned was a parent of a vaccine injured child seeking information on Thimerosal. The CDC had been harassed endlessly by Mr. Hooker so they assigned Dr. Thompson to help him out. As fate would have it, he was the most dangerous person the CDC could have chosen for the task.

Dr. Thompson offered to guide him through the correct process of requesting FOIR (freedom of information request) data that would help him uncover the truth about Thimerosal, but he suggested that what Mr. Hooker should really be requesting was FOIR data on the MMR vaccine. As an insider, Thompson was in a unique position to help and further went on to say that he was remorseful that he was actually part of the problem with autism-related vaccine injuries for participating in the cover-up, and that he had copies of studies and key data that would expose the scheme.

The unfolding of this story and the linkages back to Bill Gates are profound, especially now in light of the Covid19 plandemic and the insistence by Gates and the CDC that everyone needs to be vaccinated once a Covid19 vaccine is developed.

We now see this film as a HUGE eye-opener to the real hidden agenda behind the Covid19 false flag attack on the 7.8 billion citizens of the world. Given that Gates comes from a family of eugenicists who helped start and fund Planned Parenthood, a depopulation front for the globalists agenda, and who has gone on record many times (loko for his Ted Talks speech on YouTube) it is not too hard to figure out why the anti-vaccination movement has been growing for years and why Covid19 was meant to stop that movement outright.

It goes without saying that after this event, people will be scared enough to literally BEG for a vaccine, which was always the goal of the global cult who desires to reduce world population down to "500 million in perpetual balance with nature"



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