Pastor Exposes Banking Elite Corruption and Virus Hoax

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Pre-med doctor Rev. Danny Jones talk as he exposes the real heart of corruption in this world.

Rev. Jones exposes the banking elite connections and level of pre-planning that went into this massive pandemic hoax. If you believe in coincidences then this sermon will bust your faith in them for sure.

For example, In November 2019, just weeks before the real event occured. NetFlix released a new series (which took months and filming and editing to produce) called Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak (see which modelled a novel coronavirus outbreak that started in Wuhan china in a wet fish market. Bill Gates, who has been advocating for mass world-wide vaccinations for years, and who is the second biggest funder to the World Health Organization through is Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, also funds organizations like Gavi and ID2020, which are developing a vaccine with nanoparticle microchips that will be embedded in the COvid19 vaccine and will be traceable with the new 5G wireless system anywhere in the world. Anthony Fauci, sits on the board of both the CDC and the Gates foundation, creating a massive conflict of interest and outlet for corruption.

During Donald Trump's impeachment trials, which were designed as a distraction, the foundations for the mass bailouts of laid off employees during the coming pandemic were established on January 24, 2020, weeks before Covid19 was even identified as a threat, and long before the US knew it was going to be infected, let alone that it would require a shutdown of any length. The WHO didn't even make the pandemic declaration until March 11, 2020. Is the US government psychic or something?

On February 5th, Trump was acquitted ending the distraction.

On March 14, the associated press announced that volunteers in Seattle were given the Covid19 vaccine. What vaccine? It hasn't been created yet, or has it? Fauci earlier stated that it takes 12-18 months to get a vaccine to trial, not 30-60 days!

Government official: Coronavirus vaccine trial starts Monday

One of the companies involved is Moderna, Inc. whose stock has tripled in price over the last few weeks starting its run on March 13 at $19.31, the day of the lockdown announcement by Donald Trump. This company did not seem to suffer from the 30-40% price collapse experienced by the rest of the market, almost as if insiders knew to begin acquiring this little known stock prior to the pandemic announcement. As of May 1, the stock is at $47.93, a gain of over 200%.

Pastor Preaches on New World Order 4 19 20

Watch the Full Sermon in context to get the most of the message.

Rev. Danny Jones 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12 April 19, 2020

OR truncated version

Was the video deleted from YouTube? Try watching it on Bitchute.

We personally don't believe in those kinds of coincidences, do you?

Pastor Jones nails it correctly when he states that this is a manufactured crisis designed to usher in a New World Order.



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