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My Letter to the Vancouver Airport Authority Regarding Vaccination Segmentation Lines

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Author: Arnold (AJ) Jameson

Sent 7/25/21 to

In response to an online article I received about the Vancouver airport implementing vaccination segmentation lines based on one's vaccination status, I sent this message to the provided email to object to the policy and to highlight the legal issues involved.

I encourage you to copy and personalize the text of my letter and use it to send your own similar messages to any and all businesses, governments, or other parties who attempt to implement any such similar policy. Only when enough of us stand up to this tyrannical attempt at a global digital ID tracking, tracing, and Chinese-style social credit system of control that begins with a "health passport" will these colluding entities be forced to back down.

Sincerely, AJ


I am appalled and disgusted by your airport's absolute violation of human rights not to be discriminated against based on health and disability status. This is a fundamental human rights code violation and will not stand.

Your slippery slope policy inevitably moves society towards vaccine passports which is nothing more than tyrannical medical coercion designed to force people into taking an unwanted injection of chemical concoctions that contain toxic ingredients proven harmful to human health, and without the informed consent of the recipient.

The Nuremberg Code clearly states that medical coercion, deceit, fraud, and lack of full disclosure to the person involved in the medical experiment is a war crime punishable by prison or execution for those found guilty of administering or participating in the implementation of the experiment without gaining the prior written permission after informed consent of the subject.

Also, section 245(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada states that a person who administers or causes to be administered a toxic substance to another is guilty of the act which is punishable by up to 14 years in prison.

In addition to all the toxic chemicals listed as ingredients in vaccines, carbon dioxide CO2 is listed #74 on the Canadian Environmental Protection Act's list of toxic chemicals.

Thus, forcing staff or customers to even wear a mask in the airport or on planes, which itself is scientifically proven to cause exhaled CO2 to be rebreathed by the wearer, is a violation of criminal law in Canada, not to mention a dangerous health hazard to employees according to Occupational Health and Safety Standards.

I encourage you to familiarize yourselves with the many legal and scientific issues surrounding vaccines, masks, and medical mandates before you attract millions of dollars in liability lawsuits and human rights code violation complaints, each of which will cost you many thousands of dollars in legal fees to defend against.

The people and groups whom I am in contact without will not put up with your nonsense. We are actively boycotting your business, encouraging others to do the same, and are preparing legal actions against every business and individual that plays along with this agenda.

Please visit our website links at to learn more about this grand deception you may be unwittingly playing along with and why you must cease and desist from your coercive policies immediately, before it is too late. Regards,

Arnold (AJ) Jameson

Links to review:


In response to my letter and those of hundreds or thousands of others, I was pleased to see that this policy was quickly cancelled as shown in the following article:

Vancouver International Airport scraps lineups based on vaccine status


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