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How You Get a "Virus" with Aajonus Vonderplanitz

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

In this eye opening presentation by American nutritionist Aajonus Vonderplanitz, he talks about the nature of parasites, bacteria, and viruses being a beneficial natural part of the immune system, each with specific functions that target only specific cells and cellular toxins during the healing process. Viruses are not alive.

The medical community has known for years that antibiotics are ineffective against viruses because they are merely protein parts wrapped with a lipid fat layer with no nucleus, no respiration, no glandular activity, no functionality, and no reproductive capacity; they are not alive.

So, what are they? He asserts that they are a soap or a solvent. They are protein waste products in solvent solution. Each cell in our body makes them naturally to dissolve certain tissues in the body that are too toxic for the parasites, the bacteria, and the fungus to eat. Viruses are the hazmat cleanup crew of the immune system. White blood cells, T-cells, macrophages, cytokines, exosomes, and other key immune system helpers can be killed from extreme toxicity such as heavy metals and radiation from chemotherapy, EMF's, and X-rays. When that occurs, it's viruses to the rescue. He says all viruses are good viruses and are manufactured within each cell as soaps or solvents to serve specific functions when needed. Working in conjunction with the other helper cells, these cleanup crews detoxify the cells from environmental toxin inundation and, just like laundry soap encapsulates dirt in the fabric of clothes so the dirt can be removed in the rinse cycle, viruses encapsulate the cellular waste products and help slip slide it to the lymphatic system for excretion through the urine, feces, sweat, and exhalation. The fever associated with the flu is an immune response to speed up circulation since viruses are not alive and have no independent form of locomotion. Rarely do we have more than three viral “infections” or detoxifications occurring at the same time.

Humans are complex organisms made up of trillions of cells, each with their own structure and function. Scientists have come a long way in estimating the number of cells in the average human body. Most recent estimates put the number of cells at around 30 trillion. Written out, that's 30,000,000,000,000! According to the NIH, the human body contains trillions of microorganisms — outnumbering human cells by 10 to 1. Because of their small size, however, microorganisms make up only about 1 to 3 percent of the body's mass (in a 200-pound adult, that's 2 to 6 pounds of bacteria), but play a vital role in human health. It has been estimated that there are 300,000 varieties of virus, and each one of them takes a little part of its companion cell at a time and disassembles it without destroying the entire cell. It's so specific, he says, that it can never damage the integrity of that cell. In contrast, the pharmaceutical industry claims that viruses destroy entire cells and thus require a vaccine to eradicate them.

He stresses that viruses, unlike bacteria or other self-replicating germs, ARE NOT contagious! They are a result of an OUTfection and not an INfection. Unless directly injected into the body, viruses cannot be transmitted from one person to another, or from one species to another, unless bioengineered and injected.

He claims that AIDS is not a virus. It is a man-made virus created from a lymphomic virus of a sheep and a leukemic virus of a bovine spliced together in a lab. It was injected into the homosexual community in the US under military biowarfare experimentation. The government said it was allowed to experiment on “undesirables” in NY, Houston, LA, and San Francisco. It was included in the Hepatitis B vaccine initially, and then later in 125 million donated doses of the smallpox vaccine in Africa to make it go widespread. This caused a medical catastrophe that indebted African countries to the world bank once the US and Britain were called in to treat the induced disease. The outbreak was limited to those who got a smallpox vaccine and to some who got a transfusion of tainted blood.

He explains that when mucous membranes get clogged, the body creates viral solvents to dislodge the trapped particles during the normal immune system response.

In the light of this non-bacterial germ theory of viruses, other topics discussed are the causes of historical plagues in the world. For example:

The Black Death Plague: heavy metal toxic build-ups caused by coal burning fireplaces with poor ventilation leading to inhalation of toxic soot in the home and outside where entire towns were covered in blankets of particulates. This smog is one of the reasons we have scrubbers on coal-fired power plants today, to remove these dangerous toxins and metals from the air.

Polio: Most likely caused from the potent neurotoxin, aluminum, which was absorbed by the food packaged in the new modern aluminum cans which became popular after WW1 and WW2. Once people went back to fresh and frozen foods, and a protective coating was put inside the cans, polio was seemingly eradicated, and NOT by a vaccine as has been popularly taught.

Swine Flu: was made in a lab and injected into humans with a vaccine, pushed by Ford and Rockefeller, the latter of who did not receive the injection. Many people at the voting poll got the flu shortly after the public vaccination ceremony, and several died with a couple weeks.

Herpes: is also not caused by a virus, but is a fiction of the pharma industry to sell more drugs.

He concluded that a severe viral detoxification is the body’s last resort to try to save your life.

Much more is discussed so enjoy this interesting insight into viruses.


An interesting post on Facebook was sent to us by a viewer and we thought it was worthy of posting since it ties in with the video above. It has been moderately edited for clarity from more than one comment.

POLIO is a viral detoxification of the spinal cord. More correctly, it is a result of aluminium toxicity caused from canned food which became popular during the war as a way of storing food on the battlefield. Once they figured out that aluminum leaches from cans into food, producers were required to coat the inside of the cans with a plastic resin to stop the transfer of aluminum to the food. Aluminum is a powerful neurotoxin and is the real cause of polio and why it has seemingly been "eradicated" for the most part. It was not solved by a "vaccine" since it was not a viral cause to begin with. It was solved by engineers making a safer can for storing the food. Vaccines are loaded with aluminum, mercury, and 72 other noxious chemicals that should NOT be injected into the body!

Polio can occur in an individual who has an allergy to eating cooked green foods and cooked red fruits and vegetables. His or her digestive system is unable to fractionate, assimilate or utilize those foods properly. Consequently, resins and residues collect in the spinal cord. However, most often polio has been caused by metal toxicity, especially from vaccines and household and agricultural pesticides that embed, contaminate and degenerate spinal tissue.

In all cases of spinal cord contamination in which the body utilizes the poliomyelitis virus for detoxification, poor nutrition during that detoxification often results in massive nerve-cell destruction, resulting in partial paralysis. See If I Lack Enzyme-Mutations, What Foods Should I Avoid?, page 174. Symptoms at the viral stage: nausea, fever, diarrhea, irritability and headache.

Eating raw greens, raw red fruits and vegetables, plenty of smoothies, unheated honey, raw fat and raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar has helped remove the resins that have collected in the spine and nervous system (that the poliomyelitis detoxifies) without causing permanent paralysis. Eating raw meat often, including raw fish and/or raw fowl, restored nerve health. When a person already had paralysis from polio, eating those foods that were suggested above and avoiding those that should be avoided, gradually reversed some paralysis in every case.


Here is a good post comment from Trevor on Jan 4, 2021 6:17 PM on this post

A Simple, 10-Point Disease & Remediation Summary

1). The existence of ‘viruses’, as contagious pathogens, is completely unproven by rigorous science.

2). ‘Viruses’ mimic known exosomes (necrotic cellular detritus) in size (30-150nm) & appearance.

3). ‘Viral Symptoms’ mimic cellular-detoxification effects, such as coughs and sneezes.

4). Spontaneous appearance is mistaken for contagion when many individuals in the same, toxic environment exhibit symptoms.

5). The symptoms are caused by cellular detoxification: usually as a result of chemical & radiation poisoning, accompanied by general malnutrition

6). Malnutrition is caused by deviation from our evolutionary, hunter-gather, animal-food-based diet.

7). Poisoning is caused by numerous insults: most-recently 4/5G (terrestrial & orbital), wi-fi, electric fields, chemtrails, glyphosates, fluoride, seed oils (Linoleic acid), grains, refined sugars, xenoestrogens & pharmaceuticals.

8). Opportunistic bacteria, parasites and fungi can be transmitted & take hold on unhealthy bodily terrain. This phenomenon is part evolutionary expansion, part ‘clean-up crew’.

9). The purpose of all faked viral ‘epidemics’ is to scare populations into taking ‘protective’ vaccines, directed by the Rothschild-Rockefeller-led medical-industrial complex, with full political and media connivance.

10). The real intention is to surreptitiously lower human populations on planet earth through general infertility, poisoning & outright genocide of the elderly. The psychopathic cabal views humanity as a plague destroying THEIR green planet. Vaccine manufacturers do not disclose the full ingredients, nor suffer any legal liability for their effects. Craftily time-limited compensation may be paid by governments but only a fraction of the damage will be remediated. We must use our strength-in-numbers to de-indoctrinate, re-educate & oppose their edict-driven, undemocratic fraud towards its inevitable collapse. Use this lesson to respect the environment (not through CO2-scams) & bring proven (but cabal-secreted), free-energy devices into general use to foster prosperity and population-stability.



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