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Tragedy in Rural Alberta and the Courageous Dr. Daniel Nagase Speaks Out

I was sent this post from a trusted and well-connected client in the Red Deer Alberta area of Western Canada. The whistleblowers are now starting to come out of the proverbial woodwork to expose the absolute criminality that is going on hospitals around Alberta. This brave doctor is risking it all to reveal what is really happening within the so-called "health care" system which is but one story of thousands that the alternative social media feeds are being flooded with an on a daily basis. You will not hear this information on the mainstream lying media other than in an attempted character assassination or debunking attempt. As deadlines fast approach for frontline workers to take the jab or lose their jobs, the internet will soon be flooded with such evidence. Prepare for an internet shutdown that will be blamed on terrorist hackers to cover for the unwinding of this false paradigm by the many patriot revealers of truth.

By Brian Peckford – October 3, 2021

On the Steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery on Friday evening past, celebrating the 75 Anniversary of the Nuremberg Code, Dr. Nagase gave this Powerful Speech.

Master of Ceremonies: Joseph Roberts, Publisher and Founder of Common Ground Magazine

Dr. Daniel Nagase has been a doctor for over 15 years, he graduated from Dalhousie Medical School in 2004. He has been an emergency doctor for 10 years and has been working in rural underserviced communities throughout Alberta since 2015. He has a story he’d like to share with you about what happened after he gave Covid patients Ivermectin in a small hospital west of Red Deer.

Thank you, Joseph,

It is wonderful to see all of you here remembering Nuremburg.

And that’s the key here, remembering. Not just the nurses and doctors that are helping by speaking the Truth, people like Dr. Charles Hoffe in Lytton, but also to remember the doctors in hospital administration, the doctors at the college of physicians and surgeons, the doctors you see on TV that are standing in the way of life saving medications.

Let me tell you what happened in Rimbey, Alberta, a small-town a couple hours west of Red Deer. It shocked me. I started on Saturday morning in the ER, and when it came time to round on the ward patients, the charge nurse informed me that 3 of the patients on the COVID wing had deteriorated overnight.

All the patients were on Oxygen and extremely short of breath. The only medication these patients were on were steroids, a medication that will decrease inflammation but increase the chances of a bacterial infection by suppressing the immune system. That’s right, the only medication the Covid patients at this hospital were on were immune suppressants!

One woman said it felt like we just put her in a corner to die. We weren’t doing anything for her. I told her, I can’t speak for the usual doctors during the week, but it’s the weekend, and I’ll do everything I can to help.

I offered Ivermectin. She wanted to try it because she heard nothing but good things about it. All 3 patients wanted to try ivermectin. The hospital didn’t have any, so we had to ask Red Deer Hospital’s Central Pharmacy for the medication. They refused to send Ivermectin. Red Deer’s central pharmacist said Ivermectin was useless for COVID. He even had the Pharmacy Director for All of Alberta contact me to tell me Ivermectin didn’t work. The Pharmacy Director for Alberta Health services is Dr. Gerald Lazarenko. Remember that name. He is both a Pharmacist and a Doctor. And he insisted that Ivermectin had no place in the treatment of COVID.

So, we checked the local pharmacies. And God bless that charge nurse, although both pharmacies in town did not have ivermectin, there was one pharmacist who would do everything he could to get some even if it took all day. We didn’t have all day; my patients were sick. So, I started everyone on the next best thing, Hydroxychloroquine, which the hospital did have. I also started Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc. And because the patients were coughing and short of breath, I gave them inhalers… Salbutamol and Flovent, the same inhalers that have been used for asthma for over 50 years. I also gave them Azithromycin.

Surprisingly by late afternoon, the town pharmacist finally found some ivermectin. He couldn’t get it from his usual chemical supply because it was a Saturday. He had to get it from an agricultural supply. He checked to make sure that it was the exact same Ivermectin a pharmacist would give to a person, brought it back to his pharmacy and checked it again. He then called me with the good news.

I handed Ivermectin to each of my 3 patients with their exact dose of according to their weight. And you’ll never guess what happened next. Within hours of getting Ivermectin, I got a call from the Central Zone medical director, Dr Jennifer Bestard. She called me to tell me I was forbidden from giving Ivermectin to patients.

I told her she’s never met the patients, she’s not their doctor, and had no right to be changing the care of my patients without the patient’s permission. She said Ivermectin was forbidden from the hospital. Even if the patients had their own Ivermectin, which I would have happily given to a relative so they could hand it over to them, patients would not be allowed to take their own ivermectin. She said it was a violation of Alberta Health Services Policy to give Ivermectin for COVID.

But that wasn’t good enough. The next day she called the hospital and gave me 15 minutes notice that I would be relieved of my duties. I told her that it was unreasonable. I had an emergency department full of patients who can’t be sorted out in 15 minutes. An hour later another local doctor came to replace me.

They didn’t even want me to check up on the patients who I gave Ivermectin to. Not even 24 hours after getting Ivermectin, 2 out of my 3 patients were almost completely better. They were out of bed walking around and all the crackles I heard in their lungs from the day before were gone. All it took was about 18 hours and 1 dose of Ivermectin. The third patient who was 95 years old, stayed the same. She didn’t get any worse like she had done the night previous.

I found out later that no sooner had I left Rimbey hospital, the next doctor who came to replace me stopped the antibiotics, stopped all the vitamins, she even stopped the patients’ inhalers. Within hours of my leaving the hospital this doctor even took away the patient’s inhalers, to help her breathe. The patients were not even allowed vitamins.

Thankfully, both my 70-year-old patients who had immediate recoveries after a single dose of ivermectin left the hospital that week.

I’d like to speak briefly to the healthcare professionals in the crowd. No doctor would take away antibiotics and inhalers for ANY viral pneumonia, never mind COVID. No doctor would do that to ANY patient with a pneumonia. Unless they were… Well, I’ll let you think about that. We are remembering Nuremburg after all. And for healthcare professionals, I want us all to think very deeply about that.

But it gets worse. In my brief day and a half in the small town of Rimbey, I saw 2 patients who had recently been discharged from Red Deer Hospital after being on the COVID ward. They were sent home with NOTHING. Not even an inhaler. These patients ended up in ER at a small hospital wanting help. Just days after being sent home from a tertiary care hospital with nothing.

There is something malicious going on. I hope you can all see the bigger picture.

This is more than me having all my assignments to take care of small communities cancelled for the rest of the year. This is more than the medical director, Dr. Francois Belanger banning me from hospital practice throughout all of Alberta.

Just a week after giving ivermectin and then filing a complaint against the Alberta Pharmacy Director, a complaint sent to the College of Physicians and Surgeons, about the Pharmacy director for an entire province denying 11 pages of studies showing 0% mortality for patients given Ivermectin.

In study after study after study, 0% mortality, 0% mortality, 0% mortality… with Ivermectin.

And in “Severe” COVID? A 50% reduction in mortality with Ivermectin.

This is all in Alberta Health Services’ own Ivermectin report.

Just a week after I filed a complaint that Dr. Gerald Lazarenko was withholding a lifesaving medication from an entire province, the Alberta college of physicians and Surgeons forbade doctors and pharmacists from giving patients ivermectin.

We must remember. We are here to remember. Not just the people who died from medical experimentation. We are here to remember the people today. We are here to remember every single doctor, lawyer, and medical ethicist that sits on the board of the BC college who is investigating Dr. Charles Hoffe for speaking the truth. We are here to remember every doctor who stopped patients from having a live saving medication.

And what for? to boost mortality; to create an ICU “crisis”; to create a state of emergency; all to push a vaccine? We must remember, the people of the past, and the people of today.

History repeats itself.

Nuremburg will happen again.

We must remember!

So Here Is Some Proof of Dr. Nagase

Some writers to the blog have questioned the validity of Dr. Nagase’s story. Well, here is a person writing my blog telling that one of the patients in the doctor’s story is his mother.

One of the 70-year-old patients was my mother and without the treatment of this courageous doctor there is a good chance she would of died in the hospital. Everything Dr. Nagase said is exactly how my mother explained it to the family. I don’t know what is going on in the hospitals, but I do know it is a crime against humanity.

Some Have Questioned Dr. Nagase’s Story. Here Is Some Extra Information.

In an effort to clarify and validate the story the following is relevant:

A. Dr. Nagase confirms to me in e-mail today that ‘I was in Rimbey AB on Sept 11 and 12.‘

B. Alberta Physicians and Surgeons confirms on their website that the doctor is registered with them and gives his address and phone number.

C. Alberta Health Services this am 7:50 in a tweet confirmed that Dr. Nagase has locum privileges in Alberta.

D. The son of one of Dr. Nagase’s patients, Todd Smith, confirmed in a message to my blog Dr. Nagase ‘s statements.

E. A second person validates on this blog that she spoke to the doctor in Rimbey.

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