Dr. Shiva LIVE: Victory for Truth! Fauci Exposed on Vitamin C. #FireFauci.

Updated: Aug 9

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, who is running for Senator in Massachusetts, has been educating the global public on the power of the high-dose IV Vitamin C to support patients in critical condition in the ICU undergoing the "CytoKine Storm." Fauci did acknowledge its value 4 years ago. Now, he doesn't!

In this video, Dr. Shiva exposes the fact that in 2016, Fauci was personally bragging about and promoting the fact that he takes 1000mg of Vitamin C daily as a way to ward off illness when being around people all day and shaking hands. Suddenly, 4 years later, he is telling us that Covid19 (a mild flu-like disease that he admits will end up being similar to a bad flu season with a mortality rate of 0.1%), can only be defeated with expensive testing, social distancing, medical martial law, economic destruction, and ultimately a vaccine. Say what? What gives? Why the about face?

Turns out, he is deeply connected to the Gates Foundation and the Clinton Foundation, as well as promoting the use of ventilators that cost $39,000 each, PLUS the staffing, medications, supplies, and the cost of a forthcoming vaccine. Perhaps there is a conflict of interest somewhere?

Listen to Dr. Shiva discuss his view on the matter, calling this pandemic "one of the biggest fear-mongering hoaxes" of all time.

You will learn about Cytokine Storms, Vitamin C, and some other very interesting facts about the immune system.

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(Q: why is the article being written nearly 2 months in advance? Is the entire event planned perhaps, as was rehearsed in Event 201?)

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