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Alberta Average Historical Death Statistics vs. Covid19

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

In the is post, we compare long-term average death rates in select areas and compare those to the alleged deaths from Covid19.

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  • provides a broad reference set to regional data without registration.

  • provides global population and Covid19 data.


Alberta, Canada

This statistic shows the number of deaths in Alberta, Canada from the fiscal year of 2001 to the fiscal year of 2019. In the fiscal year of 2019, 26,972 people died in Alberta. That is an average total of 74 per day.

According to the official Alberta 2016 statistics, 669 people died of Pneumonia due to other or unspecified organisms and All other diseases of respiratory system. That works out to 1.83 per day each year from all respiratory diseases.

As of 4/11/20, Alberta has reported only 40 deaths supposedly due to Covid19, over the course of the first 37 days. Based on historical rates, we should have seen 68 deaths in a normal flu season.

Based on Alberta's Covid19 modelling formula (download latest version here), they expect Alberta to see between 400 - 32,000 deaths by August 11. As anyone can plainly see, these are totally absurd projections based on the observed reality, even assuming that the Coronavirus is the actual cause of any of these deaths!

What is most concerning from an economic perspective is that the vast majority of these relatively few deaths has been overwhelmingly in those over 80 years old and in nursing homes. As of April 6, a total of 19 of 26 deaths, or 74% were over 80 years old. Only 3 of 26 or 11.5% were under 60 and likely still in the workforce.

So why is Alberta shutting down the entire labor force for an alleged disease that has not impacted nearly anyone of working age, and arguably would have attributed these deaths to normal seasonal flu if it weren't for this pandemic scare that will most likely turn out to be relatively minor in the grand scheme of total mortality rates in Alberta?

It is time to hold the government and politicians to account and get everyone back to work in Alberta immediately before severe and long-lasting economic damage is inflicted on this province.

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