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STEW PETERS SHOW: 2021-11-17

Young Girl BADLY Injured by ”Shedding” - Wife: Hospital KILLING My Husband - PROOF: Pfizer KNEW!

00:00 If you watch fake news on TV, they’ll tell you that the Covid 19 vaccines are 100 percent safe and anything suggesting otherwise is “misinformation.” Sarah Steadman KNOWS they aren't safe. A holistic medicine specialist says bleeding her daughter is experiencing is caused by transmission of the vaccine through “vaccine shedding," from her own dad. She joins Stew today to discuss how the vaxxed truly are a threat to the unvaxxed. 

11:31 Things are getting worse and worse every day in America. The U.S. military is falling apart. Infrastructure is decaying. The murder rate was up 30 percent last year and it will be up again this year. Our elites are egging on violent riots, and then sending prosecutors to arrest people who defend themselves from the mob. Paul Haulinski with, America’s oldest online platform for buying and selling guns, joins Stew to discuss the shortages and how to prepare for them. 

23:51 We’ve received letter after letter telling us horrifying stories of what’s going on in the nation’s hospitals. One letter was from Erin Jones, who is desperately trying to save her husband Jason, after he was placed on a ventilator, now, for more than a month. The doctors of Hugly Memorial Hospital in Texas have refused alternative treatments, and is essentially being killed by lack of care.

36:18 The vaccines haven’t worked the way our leaders told us they would. Now, they need to force them into our children. It’s a religious imperative for the left, in their new coronavirus death cult. The CEO of Pfizer is going around saying that people who question the official story on the vaccines are “criminals.” Karen Kingston joins Stew to discuss who the real criminals are, especially those involved in disabling and killing kids through vaccine trials.

47:48 Today on ASK DR. JANE, we address whether Covid and election fraud tie together through the same group of criminals. We also discuss when Dr. Jane believes all mandates will be done with, and which cities will keep them, as well as what will happen to the PCR test when it loses its emergency use authorization status at the end of the year.

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STEW PETERS SHOW: 2021-11-11

Pfizer EXPOSED: History of KILLING KIDS - Marburg Virus Incoming - Rittenhouse Trial Explodes - Veteran‘s Day LIVE

Michelle Malkin has been one of the real warriors on the right over the past few years. She has a new article out: “What Every Parent Must Know About Pfizer.” She joins Stew to discuss the crimes the drug company got away with 25 years ago in Nigeria, and is trying to get away with today. Finish naturopathic Doctor Ariyana Love says there’s new research out of Spain supporting the idea that at least some batches of the coronavirus vaccine have graphene oxide in them. She tells Stew that graphene oxide is included as a way to deliver nanotechnology into the blood of the vaccinated, as well as components of Ebola and the Marburg virus. Are you reimagining America now, are we building back better? Only in Biden's America can a young man be tried for murder for defending himself while a gun was pointed at his face by a child molester. Conservative author DeAnna Lorraine joins Stew to discuss the insane injustice which has now become the norm.

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